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oh, duh. thanks! Then how do I fill in my response, answer when I solve it?

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You enter your response/solution at Hack the Galaxy Solution - Hack the Galaxy


Hello there,

:world_map: Spain mostly
:building_construction: Summer break, trying to do exercise and solve puzzles.
:magnet: a bit of focus :blush: it’s always easy to get distracted and switch to another hobby.
:partying_face: I’ve never won a game of monopoly, even though I’m always the banker and I cheat profusely.
:link: this forum is about as social media as I get


Very friendly welcome @MartinSWDev, @Chickenboi1188, @Lizardwdawgcat, @TermitisX, @MrLeirbag, @Badlermath, @Laureo, @barathi23, @tandy299, and @David_Collins1! Glad to have you all at the Rapyd Developer Community!


hi, I’m enjoying solving the puzzles


Hello my name is Cassidy and Im from Long Island, New York. I discovered this puzzle series yesterday and i LOVE cryptography so I solved puzzle #20 and it was a good one. Hoping to maybe meet some new people and collaborate one day on my journey to becoming an accomplished programmer. Cheers!


Hi I’m new to here. Based in UAE now working in a restaurant as a store in charge . Life stuck I n this hospitality industry frkm last 12 years … i would like to learn coding and need to give a try on programming. But now I’m trying to enter but not happening. I’m trying to get some puzzles to solve can anyone help me to join the community?.. i would like to know more about this community … let’s spooooooookkkkettrrroooo… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I created account to win a prize to outer space or 130k but now I want to cancel how do I do it

Hello , names kaylee , im 29 and new to this absolutely amazing community ive stumbled upon here. Nice to meet yall

:wave:Welcome! I’m new as well. Shooting for the stars dear. Good luck on the puzzle!!! It’s really fun and think this is an awesome platform, too!

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I’m hoping that I can relate to this,need help in figuring out what I’m to do.

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good luck i’m new too

Hi @Safeerzayan, welcome to the Rapyd Developer Community. At this point you have already join! Looks like you were able to make your first post! Thanks for being here! Feel free to ask anything fintech, developer/ programming related or just start a conversation in a new topic.

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Welcome to the Rapyd Developer Community @NN3, @ragnarok, @Safeerzayan, @Spaceoutthere1014, @Kayleejb, @Bat.Hanna, @Chicoandkids11, and @mr_moriarty!

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Hey :slight_smile: My name is Maris, and im currently studying for my GCSEs in Gloucester, England.
I’ve been really enjoying the puzzles so far, even though they’re getting harder. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Im currently raising money towards my place in the World Scout Jamboree 2023, in Saemangeum, South Korea, and my favourite colour is orange.


wazzaap everything is on my mind! DM

Hello everyone,

I am Michel, from Belgium.

I joined the community to solve the Hack the Galaxy puzzles and try to win a ticket to space. I really enjoy the puzzles, and watching the wacky ads with William Shatner.

Been working in software engineering for quite a while now. Wrote my first program in 1980 on paper (did not have a computer) and went to a Radio Shack store to type it in a TRS-80 computer, and it ran!
I later also wrote programs in punched cards.
At one point, I wrote programs in the (very real) programming language CHILL.



Puzzle: Sports section: I’m not able to understand what to do with the clue words in this puzzle. The instructions say that one must slide the word into the grid, can someone explain what it means.

Hi hi.
:world_map: silicon valley, california
:building_construction: coaching people to retrain their habits and emotions
:magnet: smart friends, and positively influence some great people
:partying_face: I love the feelings in hypnosis
:link: Redirecting...

If you are able to post here with a username, that is your Rapyd community account! That’s the first step to being eligible for the prizes. Go to to see the current puzzles and challenges and solve them for points that go towards the drawings. Good luck!

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