What do you want out of a community like this one?

Hey all, wanted to start a thread and invite everyone to talk about what they want in a community such as the Rapyd Developer Community.

Here is what we have heard from devs:

  1. We want a place to talk about our projects and get advice and input from other developers
  2. We want a place that is fun where we can challenge ourselves to learn and grow
  3. We want to learn more about fintech and how we can integrate payments into apps - we are not all fintech developers
  4. We want to meet locally with others that have the same interests
  5. We want to contribute and give back

Is this what you want? How can Rapyd make a difference - how can we build a community and grow together?

We are hosting hackathons - we heard that devs don’t want to sharpen their skills and participate in and challenge their minds with code
We are asking you to solve puzzles - we heard that you are problem solvers so let’s have a contest that is best on the planet and you can win really nice prizes
We are having events where you can meet Rapyd - we heard you are tired of staying inside and want to have fun outside of coding and you like music

We have several speakers lined up as well to talk about APIs and programming. Do you want to speak about your area of expertise? Are you a gamer? Do you like to work with wood? Do you stay up all night building a better blockchain? We want to hear you talk about it!

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What I would want is a place where everyone is accepted I would want adults to behave like adults and not Bully and abuse others this makes a platform / social media site more user friendly kids watch and learn what adults do so it’s time to make a change for the positive

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