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Welcome to our official discussion site for Rapyd.

The Rapyd Developer Community makes it easier for API developers to get started building payment and fintech experiences that make global commerce possible.

Here you will find categories and topics on :gear: API :flashlight: Community :electric_plug: Plugins and general developer support. Be sure and get involved by asking questions and welcome home!

Note: If you think you have encountered a bug with your Rapyd integration, do not report it here. Please send an email to support@rapyd.net or open a ticket through your Client Portal Account or at support.rapyd.net

Thanks for helping make this community the #1 community for Fintech Developers.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a renowned platform for developers to seek solutions to their code-level queries and resolve specific errors. Browse through the existing questions tagged with rapyd-payments to find answers or post your own to get help from the community!