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We want this to be an inclusive and safe space for all to participate openly in discussions about things that matter to them in the world of fintech and payments, their teams, and their organization. People are here from every corner of the globe and every role, and that’s cool, but it can also be confusing and intimidating, especially to newcomers, but also to many of us who day-to-day work in much smaller teams with people we are familiar with.

One thing we think can help make our community more welcoming is to make it easier to find out who someone is when you come across them here. So here are a couple of tips:

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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the invite. I’m Brendan Miller, I work on the Global Marketing team at Rapyd. I’m based in Denver, USA. You can also find me out in the Twitterverse - @brendan_miller where I post about payments, fintech, marketing and the occasional dog post. Looking forward to being apart of the community.


Hi - Just getting started here and excited to see how this community grows as this becomes a destination for the fintech developer community. I live in the SF Bay Area and love all things fintech and food-related. In my spare time I play at the intersection of marketing and product.


Hi there! :raised_hands:t3:
My name is Drew and I really enjoy learning about new technologies and all things payments. I live in Denver, Colorado and fall off my mountain bike more than anyone else. Look forward to seeing this community grow and learn what all of you are working on. Send me a message anytime.


Hi Everyone,

This is Simo. I am based out of Singapore and I am working in Business Dev at Rapyd.
Follow me on LinkedIn and happy to engage with the Rapyd Developer Community.



Welcome, @Simo! Excited to have you here.


Hello everyone! My name is Joel and I am a backend developer at Rapyd based out of Singapore.

I have a background in the travel industry. Nice to meet y’all!


Hi Simo!! Nice to meet you!!


Glad you are here @joel - welcome!


Thanks J, Nice to see you here.


Hi there! :raised_hands:t3:
My name is Gregory and I really enjoy learning about new technologies and all things payments. I live in Israel and like to cook and try some new kitchen technologies. I working at Rapyd as software developer from 2018 and will be glad to assist (special with Rapyd API). Look forward to seeing this community grow and learn what all of you are working on. Send me a message anytime.


Welcome, @Rapyd_Dev! Look forward to your posts on the community. :rocket:


Hello Everyone! :wave:t4: My name is Angela and I have been a developer for about six years after graduating uni. Currently I am planning a payment solution and reviewing the Rapyd APIs. Really love new technologies and always learning new things for payments and fintech. Looking forward to learning from the Rapyd community.


Hi! My name is Macy. I’ve been in the payments space the past 10 years. Ex-PayPal and Marqeta. I’m involved with Women Who Code. Just recently moved to Southern Cal. Freelancing on some Crypto projects and also interested in Rapyd’s Wallet and Disburse capabilities.


Hi Everyone, my name is Arik Shtilman, and I am the CEO and co-founder of Rapyd.
Great to meet you all. Would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have


Hi there! This is Shiva from the Sales Engineering team at Rapyd. I help clients onboard Rapyd and will be happy to answer questions you have around our platform. I’m located in Singapore and look forward to a vibrant Rapyd community!


I’m Kyle, a Technical Writer and a web design enthusiast. I love working with APIs and specifically interested in payments right now. I live in San Francisco, and currently trying to run more on grass than concrete to save my knees. I also just picked up playing the cajon. I look forward to discussing the Rapyd API and other payment APIs with you in this community.


Welcome @Community_Team to the community! I know you will be an asset in helping developers learn about Rapyd. :tada:


Hi lovely people, it’s Xi saying hello from Amsterdam!

I am an sales engineer based in EMEA. Mainly focus on scoping and technical onboarding with clients, to dive into their requirements and match them with our Rapyd offerings. I would be glad to leave my footprint on the platform by answering questions, offering help/support, or even just interacting with people around! Would love to hear from you and keep in touch here.


Welcome, @Xi_Li! :wave: Excited to have you as part of the community!