Rapyd Developer Community section of congratulations form mistake HELP PLEASE

So I was reading through the terms and conditions and I just now read that we are supposed to put our username where it says Rapyd Developer Community? I thought it was asking what “community” we were a part of. I’ve been putting in my correct name and email address but I haven’t been putting in my username. I’ve been putting in “Rapyd Developer Community” because I thought that was the community I was a part of. Does this disqualify my past entries? Also if I start putting my username in now, that won’t flag me for using two accounts right? Because I’ll be using the same name and email.

How many puzzles have you solved till now?

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That community username thing confused me as well when I submitted my first puzzle solution on 8th June. So, I just opened my profile page and saw my username, and that’s what I have been entering all the time. In your case, the correct one is “Hoodiehugs”. I don’t know what you can do about it now. Maybe @Drew or @Kyle can help you.:+1:t3:

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I started at 17, but I’ve solved all of them. I’m concerned that if I reenter the 28 and meta 2 with hoodiehugs I could get flagged and disqualified for the rest of the puzzles for using two usernames, which wouldn’t be the case. I’m just trying to correct a possible mistake if I do infact “need” to put my username in the “Rapyd Developer Community” section to qualify for the win. I would prefer to be able to get the points for the last two puzzles while they are still active. But if it means being disqualified from the rest of the puzzles, even though I was just trying to fix a possible mistake, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Thank you for your response by the way. I really appreciate it.

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I just want to write ‘F’ but it doesn’t allow me.



What do you mean by that ‘F’? Can you be more elaborate?:smile:

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I’m not sure what it means, that is, what word does it refer to, if it does refer to any word. But it is what is written when someone fails or “dies”.

The origin is in a video game, in which you pressed the F key when someone died. “Press F to pay respect”

It’s just a joke.