A bit o' ambiguity p'raps?

seems there could be different answers to puzzle 24

I suppose there’s the possibility, but I managed to get all the answers that the puzzle creator intended fairly quickly. I did work backwards to find one of them since I was able to guess the final codeword from the rest…but all in all the puzzle felt pretty straightforward to me

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Well it depends entirely on whether the nine letters spell out the actual answer, or do they perhaps spell out a category pointing toward the answer, which could be one of three possible answers? For example, if the letters spelled out LARGECOIN, then the “answer” could either be “LARGECOIN”, or perhaps “QUARTER” or “HALFDOLLAR” or “DOLLARCOIN”. Maybe not the best example, but hopefully you catch my drift.

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I see where you’re coming from. In an old online puzzle community I was part of they called that LRR (lather, rinse, repeat). I went ahead and tried inputting the nine letter clue, and I’m glad I didn’t have to LRR, but that would have been my next step if it hadn’t accepted that submission.

Which raises another question of a more general nature about submissions. If I get an email that says “Success! You’re in the Next Drawing to Go To Space” — does that mean I got the right answer? Sounds like it, doesn’t it, but it could just mean I submitted my answer successfully… not that I submitted the correct answer (successfully).

I have other questions about submissions too, but I’m taking this all in slowly.

I’ve submitted wrong answers before, and tried submitting answers to past puzzles, the first one that was active when I find out about it was #13 or #14. It gives a different response, so I’m pretty sure that the ‘Congratulations!’ page is indication of a correct answer

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I believe that’s right.