What is the difference between account balance and received balance?

What is the difference between account balance and received balance? Why can’t I use the received balance money?

The received balance includes funds that have not yet settled, and are not yet available for the client to use. See also Wallet Balance Types.

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How to settle those funds?

This depends on the payment method and its terms. For example, a payment with an escrow is settled once the terms of the payment are met and the escrow is released. See also Escrow Object.

The funds are settled to the client when a certain threshold amount is reached, and this amount differs from client to client based on a variety of reasons. But this has nothing to do with the difference between available balance and received balance.

The received balance is not available for the client to use because the transaction is not yet mature or is still held in escrow. For example, say you received a large transfer of 50,000 USD. The banks involved might put a temporary hold on the funds so they have time to do their compliance checking and transaction verification. Does that answer your question?


I have some questions about the received balance.
1/ Is the transfer of money from the received balance to the account balance automatic?
2/ How long can I take money from the received balance to the account balance in the sandbox (test) environment?
I have 2 accounts, one account doesn’t have KYB submitted all transactions in this account will immediately transfer to the Account balance, but another account that had KYB submitted, all transactions go to the Received balance.

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Hi, @KhanhVan - Here are some answers for you:

  1. Yes. I’m not sure if this behavior is simulated in the sandbox, but we don’t have an API call that simulates this action.
  2. The amount of time depends on the terms of the specific payment method.

That’s very interesting behavior about your two accounts - I will talk to the product manager.

Good luck on your project! Only a few days left!

Hi @CharlesDorsett - Thank you for your reply. I have one question:

1/ Now, in the sandbox environment, I can’t test transfer money to the other wallets because all simulated payments to my primary account are in The Received Balance, I am waiting two days, but nothing to transfer The Account Balance. You can see attached images to see my wallet. So How can I test transfer now?

You can see In the sandbox environment, I test refund from payment, money is take from The Account Balance and refund though The Account Balance is negative numbers. That reason why my account balance is negative now.

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Additionally, In the sandbox environment, you can see the other my Client Portal account, all payments always go to the Account Balance.

In the sandbox, you can add virtual funds with ‘Add Funds to Wallet Account’ - see Add Funds to Wallet Account

Hi @CharlesDorsett, thank you for your reply, I tried with your document refer, but it’s not successful to add to my primary wallet. I only can add funds to the other wallets that were created in Wallets → Accounts → Create Wallet. I want to add funds in my account: My Account → Balance → Wallet ID.

Thank you

It’s doing that for me too. I will report it to the product manager. In the meantime, I suggest that you just create an ordinary wallet and use that for all purposes - as if it were your client wallet.

Hi @CharlesDorsett,

Thank you so much. Now, I will go on testing by using my old account because it can make money from payment to the Account Balance.

If you can report to the product manager, I have some suggestions for the sandbox environment after I use it for testing my application:

1/ I can’t delete all data tests. I think we need this feature to can clear fast all data.
2/ I can’t delete or select multiple customers or wallets.
3/ When I export data customers or wallets, I have received the email to get file export and I click the link to download, it redirects me to https://sandbox.rapyd.net/ . I can’t log in to it by using my account in https://dashboard.rapyd.net/ so I can’t download files.

I hope your team will make some awesome features or has other solutions for them soon.

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I have reported these to the product managers who are responsible. Thanks for your suggestions.

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