Transfer Funds Between Wallets

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While sending a correct API request with POST: Transfer Funds Between Wallets gives the response for status as “PEN” (pending) because the destination wallet has not yet responded accept or decline with Set Transfer Response.
Now the transferee can accept or decline the transfer with POST : Set Transfer Response.
with “id” for the previous transfer.

  "id": "7d4b5e36-f107-11ea-bbd7-02c4887b9dab",
    "metadata": {
        "merchant_defined": "accepted"
  "status": "accept"

Is there any API call to receive all the pending transactions with their id’s for a specific rapyd ewallet? My idea is to make a requests page where the wallet owner can see all the pending transfer requests and can accept and decline at his will. This use case is for hackathon regarding sandbox environment.

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Currently there isn’t an API method for setting multiple responses for all the pending transactions in same wallet. However, you can view all the transactions in a wallet via List Wallet Transactions

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I have tried List Wallet Transactions but the response has all the status “closed” transactions. If I cannot see the pending transactions for specific wallet, is there an api which I can use to get all the pending transactions for all the wallets.

Thanks for replying.

You can go to the Wallets → Transactions page of the Client Portal, and then use the filter to view only pending transactions. The filtered table can be exported as a CSV file for further processing.

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