Transfer fund from wallet to sub wallet

Hi Team, I have a follow-up question, If the master wallet holder is, what would happen if funds cannot be properly attributed to our customer sub-wallet? Would this end up on the master wallet and needs reconciliation to attribute correctly? Is there an identifier that makes sure that such a scenario does not occur?

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Thanks @Arvind_Aaswani, yes if the ewallet ID is not designated in the request it will go to the Client Wallet. You can designated any specific merchant using merchant_defined or merchant_reference_id where you can designate a unique ID for that customer or client of yours that correlates with the customer sub-wallet.

The Merchant Reference ID is even located in the Reconciliation report.

Thanks! @Community_Team But what happened if funds transfer from main wallet to sub wallet and any error occur, is the fund safe ?
And return back to the main wallet?

And in scenario 2 : what happened if funds transfer from main wallet to multiple sub wallet and few sub wallet failed to receive funds because of any reason.
So remaining funds which is fail to transfer will be safe? And back to the main wallet?
How we know this as well

Thanks @Arvind_Aaswani, in short, the funds are safe. They would remain in the Client Wallet.

Moving funds to the main client wallet to any other wallet is the Wallet to Wallet Transfer request that is Rapyd’s internal ecosystem.

Therefore, the funds will still be in your ecosystem that you oversee. It is different from making payouts to outside bank accounts.

Here is a list of Wallet Transaction Errors.

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