Invalid wallet client category

Hi, my name is Musharaf and my profession is web developer I am using rapyd API for my project for getting payment.I am stuck sometimes because the documentation of rapyd is too long .so my question is that after creating my rapyd account the wallet address auto-created so when I use this in payout API to pass my wallet address to send funds I got this error.
“status”: {
“status”: “ERROR”,
“message”: “”,
“operation_id”: “c1b7aa76-793e-4ea6-bcb5-54e4a45d97de”

Thanks @Musharaf_ullah, are you working in production?

Here is a short snippet on ewallet categories in the API Ref.

For accounting purposes, you can have one or more client wallets for collections, and one or more for disbursements. When you open your account, Rapyd creates a client wallet for collections only. There are the following categories of client wallet:

  • collection - For collect (payment) transactions only.
  • disbursement - For disbursement (payout) transactions only.
  • issuing - For issued cards only.
  • general - For all purposes.
    If you need more than one client wallet, contact Client Support.
    Rapyd Wallet Overview
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Thanks @Musharaf_ullah, anything wallet to wallet, you can just use transfer funds between wallets. Wallet Transaction

Anything transferring from a wallet to a bank account, you can refer to the Payout Object in the API Ref and the status field.

Would this apply to accepting or declining the payout?

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yes. i did this and thanks for your response. I think i am the first to use rapyd API in an e-commerce store using PHP/laravel.

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