Typo in 'Radio Waves' (puzzle 11)?

In puzzle 11 (Radio Waves), I’m pretty sure I’ve got Monday all figured out, I have four words matching the clues, each is an anagram of the previous one with one letter removed… except, from the longest word to the second word, it seems that as well as one letter being dropped - another letter is changed, from ‘n’ to ‘m’. So, my solution is really only a solution that strictly follows the directions if I purposefully make a typo in the answer for the longest clue.

Does anyone else see this? I really don’t think I’m on the wrong track, but if someone assures me there’s no ‘n’-to-‘m’ thing going on, I guess I am.

Can you tell me the 4 words for Monday that you came up with? Maybe then I can verify.

By the way, just to answer your question, there is no ‘n’ to ‘m’ going on. It’s a flawless puzzle, you just have to find the correct word based on its meaning.

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Thanks for your feedback. Maybe after the contest is over, if I haven’t figured it out by then, I’ll post my guess.

But Radio Waves is already over and expired, you can tell me what guesses you had for Monday for Radio Waves.
And I have already solved the Radio Waves successfully, I can share the whole grid of answers from Monday to Sunday. I just want to know what your Monday words were, if you don’t mind. That’s it.

Thanks for your help. I’ll wait until the puzzle is really and fully ‘expired’ before I ask for another hint - that is, after the meta-puzzles are all done.

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