Can someone explain me Puzzle 12 once it's done

I’ve been trying to solve sunday part in Puzzle: Radio Waves and god damn I don’t have a single clue on any of them. I’ve completed each one of them under 10 minutes per day but sunday is just driving me crazy I couldn’t find a single clue thanks. Also I couldn’t solve it without sunday because it made no sense maybe other ones i found weren’t correct. Anyway i’d be happy if anyone could help after it expires


Yeah no problem, I’ll message you when it’s expired

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Similarly, I am stuck in Wednesday. All the other days done.

I think it’s hard to be incorrect in any of the days as the four words in each row go in descending order, so they are very much related at least according to their number of letters.


I couldn’t figure out Sunday as well, but I manged to solve it without it.

Maybe one of you can answer my question then… I solved all of them (Sunday gave me a huge headache!) and the 3 words that I got don’t really go together and one doesn’t seem like a word… do we further unscramble those words or are those the clues?

If you have done it exactly the way it’s written in the puzzle’s text, then the 3 words in those columns should make sense. While solving the puzzle, I found a few words I had never heard, and Sunday has one such word.