The End

WOW! There are less than 24 hours left.

I’m glad to have joined this contest and for the sheer brain-sharpening of the puzzles. The contest is just a few hours from being over, so I figured we needed one more post to close the event while we wait to hear about the contest winners.

Share which puzzle was your favorite, or maybe which one you disliked! Share a favorite moment or how it felt to have the eureka! moment when you solved each puzzle.

For example, sudoku isn’t my strong suit at all, so Build-Your-Own-Sudoku was a puzzle I never ended up solving. I wanted to challenge my brain and sharpen it, so practicing on these puzzles was the best thing I could have asked for in a while. If there are more puzzles to come next year, there is a guarantee that I will be participating.

Hack On! :partying_face:


Yes I have to agree, this was a really nice journey ! I hope I’ll be able to play again with more puzzles.
All the puzzles were so nicely prepared, I still don’t know how the creators managed to do that !
Congrats and hack on

Looks like the mission is over due now :joy:
I don’t know, watching it count down towards zero was as exciting as the Ball Drop on new year’s.

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I’m happy they are doing it again next year. I am right there with you with the build your own sudoku that one was super frustrating! My Eureka moment was finally solving puzzle 34 a couple of days ago. I was proud of myself for that and then realized that puzzle 34 was not included in the metapuzzle…that wasa bummer but still glad i conquered it!

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I had to go back and solve Puzzle 37: Tidying up, with the 4 rows of 0-9 numbers. It look a lot of failures, and basically, I had to slowly confirm and mark in columns as things that couldn’t change. After that, it still took a while to solve the left side without breaking the rules. I didn’t get the entry for that puzzle because I didn’t solve it until a few days/a week later, and I was just an hour late submitting Puzzle 41’s answer. Now that the Meta 3 Puzzle is closed, I can finally say that I was a little sad that I ended up not needing Puzzle 37’s or Puzzle 41’s answers anyway; but hey… at least I solved it.

I think my favourite puzzle was Wild Thermometers. It introduced me to a category of brain teasers I never knew existed before and, I admit, I went down that rabbit hole wholeheartedly.
The ones that I disliked were… The ones in which a good knowledge of the English language or American culture was needed. Of course, they helped polish my vocabulary and my knowledge, but it was frustrating at the moment to have to Google everything :sweat_smile:.
All in all, I loved solving and can’t wait for next year! (If they decide to do it next year as well)


How do you know they’re doing it again next year?

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I believe they mentioned doing a similar contest next year, though the prizes and tempo of the tests would be different

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Hey guys what’s this solution button on the posts

It means if you feel the author of the post answered your question you can mark it as solved which will make it float to the top when others view the question and know it is an approved answer by either the original poster or someone else. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


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