Puzzle 19: Wild Thermometers - Practising tips!


I can understand and relate if there are some having troubles solving puzzle 19: Wild Thermometers.

So, thereby I wanted to share some resources to help you practice this puzzle so you can eventually solve it. :raised_hands:

  1. Download mobile app: Grid of thermometers (iOS and Android)

You get to understand how the puzzle works by starting with a small grid and progress to bigger grids. This helps you understand how it works within a few minutes!

  1. If you don’t like to download the app, try online:
    Thermometers puzzle (nr. 1753)

It’s a classic website but great to practice a few grids to see if your tactics work!

  1. Try to create the game yourself!

Of course none of these games have the specific grid as the puzzle 19. So, if you are lazy or are up for a programming challenge? Recreate the game in any language of your preference.

Hope this is helpful for some! Have fun practising and be quick before the puzzle expires! :rocket:

Let it know in the comments if you have more tips and tricks to help others find the solution!

Justin Scott Bieshaar
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For mobile game “Grid of thermometers” find links here:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frozax.thermometers
iOS: ‎Grids of Thermometers on the App Store

Have fun! :smile:

Thanks for the resources. I had a lot of fun solving this once I found my starting point!!

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Love hearing that, lets get ready for the next puzzle! :innocent::raised_hands: