Login Redirects to Login page

I’ve just signed up for the Rapyd API.

Email confirmation is done.

The first time login was successful.

I click the sandbox option to disable the “sandbox”. It logged me out automatically, and I’m not able to log in again to the portal.

It automatically redirects to the login page again after the two-factor authentication is complete. Any help appreciated.

Hey @VikramAruchamy, you are referring to switching between Sandbox and Production here?

What country did you sign up from? It maybe looks like India?


Yes, I’m from India. I’m new to Rapyd and randomly clicked the option Sandbox as soon as i logged in.

This seems to have locked out my account. Maybe, in countries where Rapyd is not supported, the “switch” option can be disabled.

Could you please activate my account?

My account email id is my company email. vikram@askvikram.com. Please help unlock it.

Thanks @VikramAruchamy.

I can’t seem to replicate this behavior, but it may be something that was being tested as you should only be working in Sandbox right now.

As far as activating your account, if you are referring to the KYB account activation this takes a thorough review process with compliance to approve each business to move into production.

If it seems like your account is locked, you can reach out to support@rapyd.net, or complete a ticket at https://support.rapyd.net.