E=mc^2?part 1

Now here me out I’m not saying Einstein is wrong , time dilation, the speed of light is a constant that right, traveling the speed of light is tricky because of the wording . 1st Technically traveling the speed of light not needed because at that point there are no m/s to be measured from this point will have to measure t/d not d/t. 2nd way light and particles don’t travel faster than c is the lack of mass which can easily be seen simply by putting 0 or 1 m in the e=mc^2 equation you get e=0 or e=1 we know how e & m are related to its my thout that at the point of a singularity its the mass of the object that would be the primary factor in the formation of one which is what would happen at c . Ok I’ll let you all chew on that next time I’ll get into c.01 and how it could be done.