Which came first…

Meta puzzle 2 or puzzles 21-28? I’d venture to say the meta puzzle but who knows. Regardless, continually blown away at the amount of effort the puzzle makers have put into this for our benefit.


I’m aware how the meta puzzles work :rofl:and yes it was easy to solve. A few minutes, man Arcadia you are slacking. I was expecting a self report of under a minute. You are missing the point. While the puzzles were rolled out to us one at a time, based on how the meta puzzle was set up leads me to believe the meta puzzle came first (was created first despite not being rolled out to us first). I find it interesting and would love to know the process. As I have indicated before, credit goes to the puzzle makers; not the solvers. There are a bunch of us solving them (I do everything with my brain and know nothing about coding) but not very many of us making them.


I’ve also been appreciating the ingenuity of the setters, having only arrived to this party late on (puzzle 18). I’ve now gone back and solved all previous puzzles too though. If you like this, you should check out GCHQ’s Christmas Quizzes from past years, which were pretty fiendish!
2015 Christmas Quiz Part 1

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