Transfer Funds Between Wallets metadata not being passed to its webhook

Contrary to the “Create Checkout Page” endpoint, which triggers the PAYMENT_COMPLETED webhook with the metadata property upon checkout completion; the “Transfer Funds Between Wallets” endpoint will not pass the metadata property to its webhook: “Webhook - Transfer Funds Between Wallets Created”.

I’m attempting to use the metadata passed from “POST: Transfer Funds Between Wallets” and expected on its webhook, but metadata is not even a property from this webhook response.

Is this something the Rapyd team missed in their backend? Or is it expected to not include the metadata property?

If it’s expected, then please add it to the response, since I’ll be using it.
Otherwise, please remove metadata from the documentation.


Hi @netpoe , could you provide your “Transfer Funds Between Wallets” API request. Thanks

The webhook is an informational notification. In this particular case, if you need the metadata from the original ‘Transfer Funds Between Wallets’ method, then you need to look in the response to the ‘Set Transfer Response’ method. That response also contains a ‘response_metadata’ object, which is whatever metadata was included in the request for ‘Set Transfer Response’

When I ran this, there was no webhook at all, so I reported it as a bug.

There you go.