Rapyd's Cost and Fee Structure

Transaction costs and fees.

Pricing for Rapyd Collect

Payment Method Countries Trx Currency % Rate per Trx Fix Fee Minimum Fee
All Americas USD 2.90% 0.30 USD Waived
All Singapore SGD 3.25% 0.30 SGD Waived
European Cards EU (Excluding Ireland) EUR 1.20% 0.25 EUR Waived
All types (including non European Cards) EU (Excluding Ireland) EUR 2.90% 0.30 EUR Waived
European Cards Ireland EUR 0.50% 0.12 EUR Waived
All types (including non European Cards) Ireland EUR 2.00% 0.12 EUR Waived
European Cards UK GBP 0.50% 0.10 GBP Waived
All types (including non European Cards) UK GBP 2.00% 0.10 GBP Waived
European Cards IS ISK 1.40% 15 ISK Waived
International Cards and Corporate Cards IS ISK 2.90% 15 ISK Waived

Additional Fees:

Manual Refund Fee

For Refunds by means of a bank transfer a Refund fee of $25.00 is applied.

Chargeback Fee

For each unsuccessfully defended and reversed Chargeback for Payment Method a Chargeback reversal fee of $15.00 USD is applied.

Digital Identity Verification Fee

Feature % Rate per Transaction + Platform Fee (USD)
Account Setup
User Identity Document Verification (per new eKYC user created) NA $3.00

Refer to the Rapyd Merchant Agreement - Schedule 1 – Services section for more details on pricing.