Top 10 Rapyd FAQs

1. What does Rapyd offer?

Rapyd is an API first company with multiple platforms to accept, hold and disburse funds anywhere using local payment methods.

2. How can I know Rapyd supports my country?

You can see a list of supported countries in our docs, view a more detailed list of countries, or go to the Rapyd sign up page to see if your country is listed in the drop-down list.

3. Where can I see Rapyd’s payment methods

Similar to the question above, you can view a detailed list of local payments and payout methods or can see all the payment methods by following the guide: Viewing all of Rapyd’s Payment Methods.

4. What are Rapyd’s fees?

You can refer to an article on Rapyd’s Cost and Fee structure for Rapyd Collect or Rapyd Disburse. For fee structure on Issuing or Wallet, refer to your Rapyd Relationship Manager, as they are enterprise products.

5. What is the timing of payments and settlement?

You can refer to an article on Getting Paid: Settlement Times, Frequency and Minimums.

6. What is KYB?

KYB stands for Know Your Business and refers to the due diligence of knowing your business clients to abide by financial regulatory standards. Learn more in What is Account Activation (KYB)?

7. How can I get started?

You can immediately sign up in Client Portal and start testing. Refer to Steps to Get Started to see further steps you can take.

8. Do you accept a high-risk industry?

There may be some cases where the due diligence process is extended to review a restricted industry business. However prohibited industries will be rejected from making transactions on Rapyd’s platforms.

9. Where can I find help?

  1. If you have signed up for an account you can submit the Contact Us form within Client Portal.

  1. You can also submit a support ticket at
  2. You can submit the email contact form on the website.

10. Can I talk to someone?

The fastest way to get the information you are looking for from a Rapyd team member is through the options above. Rapyd has hundreds and thousands of inquiries and the more information you include on your business the better.

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