Rapyd U Office Hours: Make Your First API Call in Python

In this video, you’ll learn about Rapyd, fintech payments, and how to make your first API call in Python. Follow along as we learn about payments, the online gaming industry, the Rapyd developer community and to list countries and create a payment with the API.


Kyle Pollock - DevRel Specialist at Rapyd



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Table of contents

0:00 Overview
01:04 Every Business Accepts Payments
01:54 Payment Options for Customers
03:13 Payments in Online Gaming
06:15 Evolution of Fintech
07:38 Rapyd Ecosystem
09:40 Build with Rapyd
10:54 Fintech Everywhere
11:56 Fintech in Gaming
13:47 Use Case - SEAGM
14:34 Rapyd Developer Community
15:45 Rapyd Stack Simplified
16:25 Get Started with Rapyd
17:02 Rapyd Docs - Make Your First API Call
18:57 Input Secret and Access Keys
20:11 Save List Countries File
20:30 Demo - Create Environment
21:12 Demo - List Countries
21:47 Create Payment Documentation
22:08 Save Create Payment File
23:03 Demo - Create Payment
25:56 Q&A - Gaming Industry
32:40 Recap & Outro

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