Not receiving client login SMS code (need my ewallet ID soon)?

I am not getting the SMS code after doing a client login. I have tried twice. Is anybody else having this problem today? I can’t remember, but I assume this is the same login for the dev portal? If not, what is the link to login to the dev portal?

I’m locked out of the dashboard right now because your system does not appear to be sending out the SMS codes. I need to get my wallet ewallet ID so I can test my code that issues Virtual Account Numbers. Is there a way to get that information via the API, since that still works for me? There’s only 8 days left before the hackathon ends so I would really appreciate a quick answer. :o

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The login to the Client Portal is Rapyd Client Portal.

Here’s a guide on changing your MFA Preference.

You can reach out at if you can’t log in.

My understanding is you were able to log in previously and now are running into problems with SMS?

If this is the first time, I do recommend signing up again and using an authenticator app.

However if you have been building already in your account (e.g. created wallets, contacts VAs), absolutely reach out to support.

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Yes. I still see the SMS codes from 3 previous successful login attempts in my phone message history. As of today, and I tried 10 times today. I don’t receive the SMS code.

" Here’s a guide on changing your MFA Preference."

How can I change my MFA preferences if I can’t login?

" However if you have been building already in your account (e.g. created wallets, contacts VAs), absolutely reach out to support."

When I try to login to support I get his message:

“Your login attempt has failed. Make sure the username and password are correct.”

I even created a brand new account today. With that account I chose to use the authenticator app route. Your login screen says over and over again that the code I enter is incorrect (it’s not). Worse, the authenticator app page is badly written so once you enter a code, you can’t reasonably try again because you have to backspace delete each existing character from the previous failed attempt using the mouse and keyboard. A slow process that by the time you complete it, the OTP code has expired and you have try all over again. So I have to go back to the very start, re-enter my E-mail and password again, and enter an OTP code from the authenticator app. I still fails.

I went back to my original account and tried the reset password link. I clicked on the link in the reset password E-mail. But when try to login again it always says “invalid E-mail or password” (they are both correct).

I have lost several hours today that I badly needed to work on my hackathon entry. This is really frustrating.

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Hi, I’m having a similar issue with login. I tried using my Rapyd community login to access the developer portal (via the client login button) but I do not receive the SMS code. I thought that maybe the community site and the dev portal are not linked, so I tried creating a new account on the official Rapyd site, but it says I already have an account. Every time I try to reset the PW, I do not receive an SMS, so I am not able to actually reset it.
I am about to create a new developer account with another email which will hopefully solve the problem. I did want to second @NotWilliamShatner that it is kind of a frustrating paradox that you have to login successfully to access the support portal… to get help with logging in.


Please reach out to for operational issues like Client Portal login which is - if you are unable to open a ticket then an email to will create one for you and someone will be in touch to help you get logged back in to


Also please note that and https://community.rapyd.not are not linked and independent of each other.


Unfortunately, at least for me, when the portal login failed so did the support login so that was not an option. I was completely locked out for a day. Thankfully, the SMS started working for me again today so I’m OK now, but it was a really stressful day.

Please consider adding FIDO/Yubikey support. SMS is inherently insecure because a mobile phone can be SIM-jacked, and authenticator app means you have to boot up your phone every time you want to login. Also, please update your authenticator app entry screen.

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