How to change VirtualAccount status

How to change virtual account status.

Issue Virtual Account Number to Wallet


    "status": {
        "error_code": "",
        "status": "SUCCESS",
        "message": "",
        "response_code": "",
        "operation_id": "0ee08776-eef6-44a4-b43a-9dc21c723e11"
    "data": {
        "id": "issuing_95f9e500484e6e89dd0ce6047b7d45de",
        "merchant_reference_id": "5rtfgk8970dfbm",
        "ewallet": "ewallet_1d8413dc762e91b677fb5e0bac1f2940",
        "bank_account": {
            "iban": "SK5933384660426474792182"
        "metadata": {
            "merchant_defined": true
        "**status**": "**ACT**",
        "description": "Issue virtual account number to wallet",
        "funding_instructions": null,
        "currency": "EUR",
        "transactions": []

Is there a way to make the account status inactive?
How to make other status…?

Thanks @Byungseok_Shin,

Since the Virtual Account is built on top of a wallet. A way to make the status as inactive is to disable the wallet.

You can learn more about Virtual Accounts through this video here: Rapyd Bytes: Virtual Account Number Object - YouTube

Thanks @Kyle ,
We know that wallets are the parent of virtual accounts.

I want to control the status of the issued virtual account when multiple virtual accounts are used instead of one virtual account in one wallet.

Is there a way?
Or is there a way to do something similar?

Thanks @Byungseok_Shin,

This cannot be done via the API however when reaching out to, you can request multiple virtual accounts to be closed or deactivated.