Virtual accounts ID

Hi there.

We have active Rapyd account for our company. There are several Virtual accounts created
via Client Portal ( not via API calls )

In order to get information about sender of the fund to our virtual account we need to

have issued_bank_account ( Virtual Account ID ).

How can I get Virtual Account ID for the accounts ? Cannot trace any GET methods

or object fields. Pls advise

Thanks @Steen,

Have you taken a look at Virtual Account Numbers and Virtual Account Number Object.

The Virtual Account will be issued on top of a Wallet.

If your looking for the VA within Client Portal, this should be under Wallets > choose the specific ewallet > Issuing.


let’s consider concrete example. Our company SHANGHAI HUOWU LIMITED.

When I press in clients portal MY ACCOUNT / ACCOUNT DETAILS

I can see


When I proceed like to You advise I don’t have any active eWallets there.

There is only 1 disabled eWallet and I can indeed see Virtual accounts IDs there which were created…

BUT I need to get Virtual Account IDs for my basic client wallet

Moreover I cannot find any ways to request the list of all available Virtual account numbers. I can only request specific Virtual Account ID ( if it’s ID is known )
In General my task is : when we receive funds IN via bank transfer I need to get payers details.
Requesting Wallet we get list of transactions. Requesting transaction we get Action ID
But there is no further way we get get down to the payers details.

This request concernes ONLY banks transfers coming into our Virtual Accounts tied to basic/initial Clients eWallet

Pls advise

Dear Kyle,

I’m missing Your reply.

My question is still open



Thank you @Steen, regarding your reply on VA IDs for the Client Wallet, you can create Virtual Account numbers for your own Client Wallet, you would go to My Account > Account Details > Create Virtual Account.

If you have created any VA for your Client Wallet it should be there. If you are searching what country you can create one in it should be listed in the drop down when creating a VA.

As far as payer details, since VAs are built on top of Wallets, you can use the Wallet Transaction Object and Get Details of a Wallet Transaction and look at the Customer ID, Wallet ID, or the Payment Method to get to the Customer Object or Wallet and Wallet Contact Object for more detailed info.

Dear Kyle,

Thanks for Your reply. But it does not cover my initial question.

I have not asked how to create VA.

I have asked where can I get VA id for the VA already created for our primary account.

OK let’s leave it. I have found it myself already.

Thanks @Steen, yes to clarify where I posted about your Client Wallet, the same area you create the Virtual Accounts, is the same section all the Virtual Accounts for your Client Wallet are listed.

For the API, we are building a way to get further details directly, and list out VAs.

clear. Thanks.

Please advise further :

Payout_funds_out type…

I cannot find any connection between Wallet transaction wt_… and Payout transaction… ID

There is no way to connect them between each other.

For instance Incoming bank transaction at least have isutran_ … ID in ACtion Data Object.

Payout_… is never mentioned in Action Data Object.

Please advise if there is a way to have a link between wt_ and payout_



Hi @Steen,

Wallets and Disburse (Payouts) are two different platforms.

If you are making Wallet transactions you don’t have to do Payouts. Wallet to wallet would be completely free.

Wallets would be all on your platform.
Disburse would include you paying an outside contractor or vendor.