Vitual Card Isuing Api

Hello everyone, I am just getting started and glad being part of this community.

We are building a digital wallet for users accross Africa to shop online using vitual cards and can send and recieve payment via their IBAN.

  • I will like to know the virtual and physical card issuing pricing.

  • are the cards prepaid or debit ? Do we need load our main wallet and base on authorisation rules cards directly debit from that wallet to make payments or each card will be laoded independently from the our main wallet ?

Thanks @Brandon_che, pricing would vary for Card Issuing since there are only a few countries it is available in.

Hosted Page for Virtual Cards could use any cards.

There are enterprise products so you’ll have to reach out to sales.

These would be debit cards built on top of the Rapyd Wallet.

Thanks for your reply. We are incorporated in the USA and according to website we can issue card . So can we provide the card in Africa ?

I contacted sales but no reply over 3 days.