How do I display a text file in debug console or windows form

I have no idea how to code and im currently going to study coding and programing at my school due to profile i chosed. My friend wich has a job of developer or something like that gave me 3 tasks and i have no damn idea how to even finish one of them wich is displaying a text file in debug console or windows form. Could anyone help?

I’m not sure exactly what your friend is asking. Maybe you can ask for a more clear directions on what program he’s referring to? Is this command line in the command prompt for Windows? I’m not a Windows user, but I cannot tell what he’s referring to.

Maybe some good places to start following are these tutorials and then the resources listed below:


  1. Display this file in the debug console or windows form so that text would show Slaw Is Amazing
  2. Create a code that reads the file and then creates another txt file with the word “what?” in it.
  3. Create a code that would read the file and then would create another txt file that would adjust the sequence of words to Slaw Is Amazing

Those are the tasks he gave me exacly from what he texted i Copied and pasted them

Im doing it in C++ in visual studio

Task 1 means a txt file with mixed words

Ok that makes more sense.

Maybe start with some tutorials to work your way towards reading and writing files.

If you already know how to write a string you can skip this The C++ Programming Language

I would run through the tutorials here, and it looks like the last one is what you are looking for.

Other resources: