Escrow release webhook not working

I have been using rapyd webhooks (Payment Completed and Payment Created) and all works correctly. But when i am trying to listen the webook for Escrow Payment Released it seems like it doesnt trigger anything. Does anyone has a problem with this too? Thank you in advance

Thanks @Diego_Aguirre. Just to confirm you have completed the payment and now doing Release Funds from Escrow and not getting the webhook?

Also to confirm, you have selected Escrow Payment Release webhook in Client Portal?

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Try a 1 day escrow, and then wait a day to see if the webhook is sent. I have done the same in the sandbox, and got the webhook:

    "id": "wh_b473c6f1951ec25c39386b3082191615",
    "type": "ESCROW_RELEASED",
    "data": {
        "id": "escrow_c4bf71c0c0366a8dd3ef645a790afc28",
        "status": "released",
        "payment": "payment_a7c86f319a37fc8d47f448fc22fe37b3",
        "created_at": 1643022290,
        "updated_at": 1643130049,
        "amount_on_hold": 0,
        "escrow_releases": {
            "url": "/v1/payments/payment_a7c86f319a37fc8d47f448fc22fe37b3/escrows/escrow_c4bf71c0c0366a8dd3ef645a790afc28/escrow_releases",
            "data": [{
                    "id": "er_dd575b71d810eeeb85ee2914d686243e",
                    "amount": 110.45,
                    "trigger": "time",
                    "ewallets": [{
                            "amount": 110.45,
                            "ewallet": "ewallet_f0b6e8a05a4e6ad33360e846bd581821"
                    "created_at": 1643130049,
                    "proportional_release": true
            "has_more": false,
            "total_count": 1
        "escrow_release_days": 1,
        "total_amount_released": 110.45,
        "last_payment_completion": 1643022290
    "trigger_operation_id": "108e69b3-0f91-4df0-bfc8-ed83d545233d",
    "status": "NEW",
    "created_at": 1643130049



Hello, thank you for answer my question.

I have recorded a video of the steps I am doing in the sandbox. This is the url:

Am I doing something wrong? I have the webhook activated
or maybe is the webhook only sent when the escrow has expired?

Thank you in advance

Hi Diego Aguirre,
I’ve inspected your attachments and your workflow seems fine. As you can see in the Escrow object page, there are a number of values for the trigger field:

  • event - This value is provided when the escrow is released via an
    API, and therefore, a webhook seems redundant since the operation was manually done by the client.
  • time - Funds were automatically released at 5:00 p.m. GMT (17:00 GMT) on the day indicated in the request. In this scenario, a webhook is needed and is sent as demonstrated in my previous reply in this thread.

I will see to it that our documentation reflects this behavior.

Hope this helps.


Oh, You are right. It is redundant in the first case.
And also I didnt try it when an escrow is released because of expiration time so i just thought that is was not working. But now it is clear for me.

Thank you so much for your help!

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