Bug: total_amount_released in releasing escrow call does not work with more than 10 partial releases

when releasing multiple escrow partial payments through ({{base_uri}}/payments/:payment/escrows/:escrow/escrow_releases) the total_amount_released property that is returned from the API stops accumulating.

It seems to be because the escrow_releases data returns 10 items initially and total_amount_released is a sum of this partial array but is NOT total as implied by the name.

amount_on_hold property does seem to give the correct amount back.

example of this behaviour in a sandbox payment (original payment is 800$):

operation id: 043ebb04-1c96-4bff-ab38-dfb351cdb8d4
escrow id: escrow_17ec3b3d636225b55831bfcd037b1346
payment id: payment_1d78989a368df3af405f9589fa317e46

Thanks @marc4, I have reported this for the team to follow up on.