Canceling Escrow after partial payments

Im trying to find a way to cancel an escrow after partial payments have been made. Use case is for example a project that has 3 escrow steps for 3 milestones but only first has been completed so remainder of escrow goes back to sender.

The only solution I have found so far is releasing the entire escrow and immediately refunding it to sender after but that seems to beat the purpose of escrow. isn’t there a way to cancel remaining escrow?

I also attempted to create escrow with 2 destination wallets (1 being refund wallet) and attempting to update the split but this doesn’t seem possible either.

charge and then process refund

admittedly i need escrow too but i am not that far a long in my process. I need it so that customers can book people

Edit: You can check out Canceling an escrow here: Canceling an Escrow

Since this uses the Update Payment, the payment status does need to be Active (ACT).

Thanks @marc4, it would really matter, if the payment status is Active ACT it may still be possible. However if it is CLOSED CLO @juliapak, is right. You will have to complete the payment and then refund the payment.

Also, know that some payment methods may be is_cancellable: false. You can find out in List Payment Methods by Country or Get Required Payment Method Fields.