Payment expiration not working

Payment expiration doesn’t seem to be working, or at least in the sandbox with 3DS. I’ve tried everything but I can always finish a payment and the ‘payment_expired’ webhook i’ve setup never gets called. Here is part of a payment GET response:

“expiration”: 1644320648,
“paid_at”: 1644320730,

payment is expired but I can still pay.

Also a side question, is there no webhook for checkout page expiration?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @nachos5, I’ve looked into this and I have our support team looking into this as well. They should get back as soon as they can.

As far as the webhook, the payment expired webhook would be related. I will have them look at this as well.

There is currently no webhook for the page itself.

Hi @nachos5, I just wanted to let you know this has been reported as a bug within the sandbox environment. Thanks again for your post.

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