Create Card Token - Hosted Page

I am trying to add a payment token using hosted payment page using below the API & Params details. I am able to generate the page, while adding the card it keeps failing every time saying “Sorry, Something went Wrong”(refer the image below).
API - {{base_uri}}/hosted/collect/card
Parames –
“country”: “IS”,
“currency”: “ISK”,
“customer”: “cus_ec353d891fc2260de731f45ebd9e0d7a”,
Error screen shot after entering the card details and 3DS stimulation.

Hi mathu,
Welcome to the Rapyd developer community! Thanks for reporting this workflow!
There may be an issue with simulating this particular use case in the sandbox environment, and it is being inspected.


Hi @mathu I believe this may have been fixed now. I did test it again and it worked and I found it listed in Client Portal. card-token


"country": "IS",
"currency": "ISK",
"customer": "cus_616fd670a867dc933b2e5baf275eee9b",


    "status": {
        "error_code": "",
        "status": "SUCCESS",
        "message": "",
        "response_code": "",
        "operation_id": "bb219d1d-707a-4e76-9370-ea8cdc6756dc"
    "data": {
        "id": "hp_card_50ce19a5aa84b36b2ab875fd044376b4",
        "status": "NEW",
        "cancel_url": "",
        "complete_url": "",
        "language": "",
        "merchant_color": "323fff",
        "merchant_logo": "",
        "merchant_website": "",
        "merchant_language": "en",
        "merchant_customer_support": {
            "url": "",
            "email": "",
            "phone_number": "555-555-5555"
        "merchant_alias": "Test Business",
        "merchant_terms": "",
        "merchant_privacy_policy": "",
        "page_expiration": 1631686413,
        "redirect_url": "",
        "category": "card",
        "country": "IS",
        "currency": "ISK",
        "customer": "cus_616fd670a867dc933b2e5baf275eee9b",
        "payment_method_type": null,
        "payment_method_types": [],
        "cards": [],
        "payment_params": {
            "complete_payment_url": "",
            "error_payment_url": ""
        "billing_address_collect": false

Yes thanks.

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