Test credit cards for checkout page?

Hello, I cannot find where are the testing credit cards for the checkout page. We are testing a payment in a checkout page using Brazil as the country, everything renders as intended, but when using the cards from Testing for Payment API It responds with an error.

Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thank you!

After further investigation the problem seems to be related with the currency, because by changing it from BRL to EUR the checkout page works with any VISA/MASTER from https://www.getcreditcardnumbers.com/

Is there anything we can do? we need to test with BRL (Brazilian peso)

(Save us @Kyle ! :smiling_face_with_tear:)

@Kyle should we raise this ticket to another level?, if so, can you tell us how?, we really need a solution for this. Thank you!

Thanks @dlupo, I did pass this on to our support support.rapyd.net, or support@rapyd.net. I would be good for you to submit your ticket, (you can do this in the client portal). I will pass on what they say when I hear back as well.

I tested this myself, and got the same error as well.

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Thanks @Kyle, we did not wanted to create a ticket from the client portal because I thought it was only for production issues, we just created one as per your recommendation.

Just one favor I’ll like to ask, to me it looks like an issue with the simulation environment when the currency is BRL that needs to be fixed Rapyd side, if so, the most important thing for us is to have a estimated fix time window, so we can make a decision with our client in terms of when to go into production. Thank you!

Another update, the issue is also present in the card token hosted page:

Seems like the whole Brazilian sandbox is broken. We opened a ticket a few days back, no answer yet.