Cash Payment Methods not accepted

For our customers in Colombia we want to offer the Cash payment methods on the checkout page.

First we make the call to “/v1/payment_methods/country?country=CO” to get all the payment methods available for Colombia, and the response includes all the Cash Payment Methods. After that we pass them in the “payment_method_types_include” parameter for the “/v1/checkout” call to create the checkout page.

However we get “ERROR_HOSTED_PAGE_UNRECOGNIZED_PAYMENT_METHOD_TYPES_TO_INCLUDE” error on the “/v1/checkout” call. We are following the instructions from the documentation, first calling the “Get payment methods by country” API method and then calling the create checkout page with the payment methods provided.

Why does the “/v1/payment_methods/country?country=CO” API method return methods which are then not valid for the “/v1/checkout” API call? How can we include the cash payment methods for our customers on the checkout page?

Hi adela,
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Please verify the following:

  • In the body of the request, the value of expiration should be valid (in Unix time), and it should occur in the future (not expired).
  • In the Client Portal, go to Settings > Branding and select all the payment methods that you want to enable.

    Note that the payment methods should also appear in the body of the request → in the payment_method_type_categories object.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Legato for your response. Yes, I did all of the settings you suggested and it still didn’t work.

What did the trick was to specify a “customer” in the body of the request for the checkout page. Seems like some payment methods require a customer in order to work and also the currency to be the local currency.

It would be nice if the documentation for the Checkout Page Object would specify for the customer field that it is mandatory for some payment methods and not only " ID of the ‘customer’ object. String starting with cus_ . When used, the customer has the option to save card details for future purchases.".

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Thank you for this great input! We will examine this, and update the documentation accordingly.

This Error I have also encountered. This is because the currency that you are accepting through that payment method may not have been fully integrated by the Rapyd. Please try doing it with some other currency.

Thank you for the response. Indeed after I changed the currency to local currency and also providing the “customer” field in the checkout page request, the cash payment methods worked and payments were created successfully.


Thanks, that would be great :slight_smile:

The payment method I tested with is “co_efecty_cash”, cash payment method for Colombia.
While in the sandbox it worked when I added in the request body of the checkout page the “requested_currency => COP”, in production it didn’t work until I also added the “customer” field.

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Great!!! Good Luck.