Request Card Details for subscriptions / recurring payments

When creating subscriptions, I have to create a customer with a payment method. In my case the payment method would be “card”. I would like to capture the card details in the same manner as with the hosted checkout page, that is by redirecting the customer to Rapyds website, instead of capturing the card details on my own page.

From the Rapyd client portal, it is possible to select a customer and select the action “Request Card Details”, which gives me a link which I can give the customer.

How do I “request card details” programmatically? That is, which service can I use to get a hold of that URL so I can redirect the customers there?

Hi @abo when you say "“request card details” programmatically, are you referring to an API solution. If so, then the card details can be capture and tokenized/saved by using the hosted card token page an the API guide can be found here :Tokens

Hope this helps. Thanks


Thank you @Xi_Li !
That was exactly what I was looking for and worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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