Are the draw winners being announced publicly or

Just wanted to know, do you announce the Hack The Galaxy draw winners here in the community or the winners are just informed privately?


Hey great question, we will announce each of the winners publicly in the community.


Are the winners notified beforehand? How are they contacted?

They are! It is quite the process since we use an independent company to do due diligence and complete the verification process. We will be announcing them as they are verified in various formats from youtube videos to press releases. I will make a table in the weeks ahead that list all the winners and put them here in the community forum.

Well, I mean, I was looking over the T&C, and I didn’t see the METHOD of contacting the winners. I probably wouldn’t win, but I’d hate to miss being potentially verified for one because I miss a phone call or if an email goes to spam… So like, I didn’t know what email/method potential winners need to be on the lookout for so that they don’t miss that 48-hour window that the T&C mentions.

Email first.
Personal Message here on second.