Hack the Galaxy Winners

Happy new year, all! Could someone please direct me to any announcements that Hack the Galaxy winners were selected for the third mission period as well as for the second, third, etc. interim periods? (Or confirm that some or all of these are still pending?) Thanks a bunch!

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Happy New Year :tada:

Rapyd is working to finalize a few of the final details with the winners and please keep in mind some have requested not to be called out publicly due to privacy. @Kyle is working on a topic to post here in the community that lists out each prize and the winnerโ€™s name (if allowed) but at least show who all the winners are and that they have been awarded.

We have selected all the winners and they have been verified by an independent agency and background checks, etc. have been completed.

Thanks @zygopteran, I made a post here: ๐ŸŽ‰ Congratulations to All the Hack the Galaxy Winners!