Drawing schedule

I don’t receive notifications for those emails.
If i do end up winning, i don’t wanna miss it.
Can anyone tell me when winners are drawn so i can check manually each time?

Drawing dates are here on the T&C page, but the thing is even if there are drawing dates, they are not announcing the winners on those dates or even few days after. They are doing it many days later. I wonder why they delay the announcement. Till now, they’ve announced only the winners for Interim Periods 1 and 2 and Mission Period 1.


unfortunately, seems random. there is a list for drawing dates but it doesn’t seem like they are being followed unless they just take a long time to announce it after its been drawn


Yes, that’s why I wonder, are they even doing the draws on those dates? Who knows, maybe they aren’t. Maybe they are drawing and then announcing on the same day. No one said they have to draw on those exact dates. After all, they have the liberty to take their time to do the draws.
In my opinion, one reason, they are delaying the announcement is because if they announce them as soon as possible, many participants will tend to lose interest in this competition and stop participating in the puzzles because what’s the point if you are not winning?

Actually, if you observe carefully, you will see a downward trend in the number of people viewing the puzzles that came after 11th August when Mission 1 winner was announced. So probably, my assumption is true.

After all, everyone here hopes to win, but a hand full of us will win, 13 of us, to be precise.

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A bit of a wild guess, but could it be related to the fact that the actors from that ad on YouTube read the names of the winners? Maybe it takes a while to film and edit that bit

I think those videos are already filmed.