Drawing schedule

I don’t receive notifications for those emails.
If i do end up winning, i don’t wanna miss it.
Can anyone tell me when winners are drawn so i can check manually each time?

Drawing dates are here on the T&C page, but the thing is even if there are drawing dates, they are not announcing the winners on those dates or even few days after. They are doing it many days later. I wonder why they delay the announcement. Till now, they’ve announced only the winners for Interim Periods 1 and 2 and Mission Period 1.


unfortunately, seems random. there is a list for drawing dates but it doesn’t seem like they are being followed unless they just take a long time to announce it after its been drawn


Yes, that’s why I wonder, are they even doing the draws on those dates? Who knows, maybe they aren’t. Maybe they are drawing and then announcing on the same day. No one said they have to draw on those exact dates. After all, they have the liberty to take their time to do the draws.
In my opinion, one reason, they are delaying the announcement is because if they announce them as soon as possible, many participants will tend to lose interest in this competition and stop participating in the puzzles because what’s the point if you are not winning?

Actually, if you observe carefully, you will see a downward trend in the number of people viewing the puzzles that came after 11th August when Mission 1 winner was announced. So probably, my assumption is true.

After all, everyone here hopes to win, but a hand full of us will win, 13 of us, to be precise.

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A bit of a wild guess, but could it be related to the fact that the actors from that ad on YouTube read the names of the winners? Maybe it takes a while to film and edit that bit


I think those videos are already filmed.

I’m definitely sad to see less and less people solving the puzzles, especially since all of them can be solved without code. Even if there’s 60-clicks on a puzzle link, a good ~20 may be people like me, who click multiple times. I click every puzzle link about three times at least.

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I used to log in more but by the end I was just downloading the puzzles, so fewer clicks from me

Also, I’d like to know why each and every comment I post requires me to wait for the approval. This didn’t happen to me before. Does it happen to others or am I a special one in this community with this treatment? Honestly, it’s really annoying. I’d appreciate it if the approver himself/herself replied to this after approving this post. Thank you.

Yeah, I’d admit, I am one of the people who stopped solving after Puzzle 28. For some reason, I had lost that sense of competition after Meta puzzle 2. I lost the motivation to solve them.

This thread was on #hack-the-galaxy:official-rules and we have it set to ‘approve all’ @MusaddiqueAli I sent you a DM with that note. I move this thread over to the Hack the Galaxy General channel so the conversation can flow without approvals. We do have filters set up due to lots of spam so those keywords will flag for approval as well by a moderator.

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So an update to the community on the delay in announcing winners. There is a lot of orchestration that has to happen to verify winners in a somewhat anonymous community and each country has its own rules on how things can happen. We are really close to finally getting all the paperwork needed to announce the winner of the second Mission and are connecting with the potential winner of the third Mission at any moment. The same holds true for the interim prize winners as well. International drawings such as this contest can be quite involved. I personally am super excited at how many solved the challenges and reached out asking questions about Rapyd and have started using our APIs in their projects that require payments - some only needed #plugins and others our #hosted-checkout solution. We want to keep puzzles alive and hope to have a solution for that in the weeks ahead. Thanks to all of you for being here and making this an amazing few months. So much more to come. If you ever have questions about Rapyd please reach out to me or @Kyle and we are happy to help.


I’m a MechE student, so I just didn’t have the time after the fall semester started… I’m guessing a lot of people here are also students and likely stopped solving puzzles for the same reason.

I had a lot of fun though, and hope to participate again in the future!