A Thanks to the Puzzle Creators

As the clock winds down to my (joyfully 1st) failure for Puzzle 25 this Mission, I just wanted to give a sincere thanks that this wasn’t the puzzle to accuse me of being a robot. Thank you so much Rapyd for incredibly mindbending railguns of puzzles well beyond my expected series of sudokus and NYT crosswords.


Same here! Thank you team for creating great puzzles seriously and establishing a problem-solving community! I will spread this to more people.!


If you want to keep trying, pretty sure you have until the end of Sunday for this one.

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As I see more and more of the puzzles I am blow away by the people that must be putting these together. I totally second that!


Great puzzles! Thanks for the joy they brought to my mind and for being a pleasant surprise until the end!

The puzzles were really great! Some were moderately difficult, and others were soothingly easy. The whole process of this competition was well planned and delivered. A big thanks to the creators! :slight_smile: