Would you rather

I’d like to see it all start

Sir, we’re all on the same boat. As laughable as it may seem to those preaching “it’s hard”/“it’s pricey”/“impossible”, I actually have a CHEAP propulsion system that can help us ALL get WHEREVER we want OUT THERE and I’m going to release it FOR FREE, open source, open hardware, just like 3d printers, with the difference that I won’t speculate and I’ll just release it as public knowledge.
Who cares if these look like ramblings now, the one who has the last is the one who laughs in the end.
Just don’t quit like that man, there is always an opportunity, open your eyes to the possibilities, try to read what I have shared and MAKE IT YOURS.
If you do that, you’ll SEE.
Don’t make it a matter of brains, we’re all potentially powerful and equal, you’re no less important nor even superior. We’re PEOPLE, we ALL matter and we just need TRUTH, love and trust in one another.
Society is badly structured and some get on pedestals even when they don’t deserve it but don’t ever feel inferior in any way whatsoever because one single action from you can change the future for good and for everyone, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
I know that this may not help pay the bills, mortgages and whatnot, but enjoy being alive, no matter how harsh it is around you. I can’t walk in your pair of shoes, nor you can walk mine, but I can assure you that my life, just like the life of many here, can be just as painful, possibly even worse, yet, I try to find peace and spiritual love in anything that surrounds me. It could be something like smiling in awe while thinking about the simplicity of the pen I use to write in my notebooks or watch a bunch of seeds grow in my pot.
I have no idea of the suffering behind your story and feel free to share more if you want, just know that you are not alone. Disrupt your routine, change musical genre, change habits.
It won’t change the past like a “time machine” (and nothing will ever in the long term, it’s improbable), but it does make a difference in your future.
Yours sincerely.

I would go to the future

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Oooh that’s a good one… I think I’d rather jump into the future and see what’s going on with humanity only because we already know what happened in the past but the future has so many possible outcomes… Then again seeing the beginning of it all I think would be literally the most amazing thing in the world… I think it may even impact me in a positive way that I’d have a more appreciation for my life in the present.

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Looking into the far future might be depressing, depending on what you see there. But i’d rather peek into the far future than the past, too. If the future is depressing, you can think to yourself that maybe it isn’t determined and can still be changed. It the future is uplifting, you have something to look forward to. :wink:

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The future for sure. The world is full of evil these days, so I wanna know if it’s the same in the future or if it’s a lot better. Course I would love to see the past, but I just think it’s terrifying to know how we even started to exist.

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I would rather go back in time. With the knowledge, experience and technology of today, a view of history first hand would be amazing.

Also, a lot of what we read in text books is another person views of that time or their opinion. How would it be to see it first hand?


I don’t know if anybody understood what I shared but I gave you a way to see past, present and future, today!
So, moral of the story, both are fine for me.

I’m like. Spooky. And stuff.
Any chance to get far away from here, I’m game. The land if the living and the dead are lonely places. Take me far away into the colorful abstracts up above.

Either would love to see both

Definitely go back in the past and see how its been made cuz ive been taught both biblical ways and scientific ways. To actually know mannn would be awesome

I wouldn’t have either one. I can imagine things I don’t wanna see either way. Ignorance be bliss ma cherie

its here in the present.

I would rather be in the Present. Only Godless people want what only God knows. They want the answers to everything that has to do with what God has planned for us in the end. So to answer your Question. Neither. I choose to trust in God to deliver us to where we end up.


the past, rather be guaranteed see the earth beginning than risk seeing its ending iykwim lol

There’s no point goo g into the past, it’s done and can’t be fixed but, we csn do something 9the future!! So I’d rather go to future and see if there are anything ki ks, or things to think about before it occurs. fhiona x

I get your point but i think personally i would enjoy seeing where we came from instead of where we are going especially if it is may be fairly bleak