๐Ÿ“ธ [Photos] The Moment To Hack The Galaxy - Berlin

Thank you WeAreDevelopers World Congress developers for being our guests at The Moment to Hack the Galaxy in Berlin! What an amazing night!

We will see you at Infobip Shift on 19-20 September in Zadar, Croatia!

Until then, here are some photos from our night together in Berlin, Germany!

Kraftwerk Berlin | 14.6.22

partying isnโ€™t exactly hacking โ€ฆ and enjoying young to mid aged city life isnโ€™t exactly related to a galaxy neither โ€ฆ??

Hey @oc1anE, this from a developer conference Rapyd attended called We are Developers.

The Moment hosted a gathering for the developers after the day conference, which was quite the experience.

We were grateful to connect with a huge developer community in Berlin, and many others were very thankful.

Check out the official photos by We a Developers as well as the video.

Here are some Rapyd highlights.

Rest of the photos