What do you as a developer think about hackathons?

  • I prefer them virtual
  • I prefer them in-person
  • I don’t have time for hackathons

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With 13 days left in https://htg2.devpost.com/ would :heart: the communities thoughts on coding challenges, hackathons, problem-solving with code that you enjoy, and why or why not you would participate.


Truthfully they’re an incredible way of not only boosting what this specific community is itself, but as a way for people to truly test whether or not they’re capable of achieving such tasks such as hackathons, regardless of the outcome of said challenges it still gives a sense of achievement, I personally have never, before now, participated in anything like this but it succeeds in drawing people in and I’m sure I’m the same as most people who have tried problem solving with code, but would love to continue to be involved in such things.