Webhook next_action is missing from documentation

In webhooks callback I find a param “next_action”: “pending_capture”… “next_action”: “not_applicable” but I can’t find “next_action” anywhere in the documentation.

This relatively new field will be available in the next release of the Rapyd documentation. In the meantime, here is my explanation:
Indicates the next action for completing the payment. One of the following values:
* 3d_verification - The next action is 3DS. Relevant only to card payments.
* pending_capture - The next action is pending the capture of the amount. Relevant only to card payments when the amount is not zero.
* Pending_confirmation - The next action is pending the confirmation for the payment. Relevant to all payment methods excluding card payment.
* Not_applicable - The next action does not exist or cannot be determined.


Hi @Legato

Thanks for your answer.

Can you also explain why a 3d_verification are going directly to status closed in sandbox even when it isn’t captured When requesting checkout with 3d_verification payment ends out as “status”: “CLO” but not captured? - Developer Support - Rapyd Developer Community