Payments by credit card or wallet

I’m new to the community my name is Silvia.

I have designed a portal in PHP that creates subscriptions for companies and then delivers services based on the type of subscription.
So there is an area where they order the products, these products are placed in a DB and then if they have paid, they are activated in individual products and invoices are issued in real time so that they can print it.
But if something like: credit card or bank transfer not successful, my system must know these data in real time. I have seen paypal and now I have found RAPYD! I am thrilled that it is truly in all languages ​​and interfaces with almost all payment types.

I discovered this new planet ** Rapyd ** that immediately captivated me for all it offers. I started to understand the main steps, however I would like in this phase of the development of my project to operate as a tester and subsequently complete the essential steps that will give me the opportunity to expand my Italian company using Rapyd services.

Now I want to ask some questions here that are probably trivial, but are important to me now.

1 this technology has transaction costs and I have read that they are 1.2% and 30 dollars that I have not understood in which cases … I would need the document or the link that shows these conditions well.

2 in this test phase I have to be able to test the payments (simulating the use of credit cards, “paypal provides a tools for developers so that they can test the flows during development”). Is there a tools or equivalent method here too?

3 what steps do I need to follow in order to receive payment data:

4 is it better to use API or WEBHooks? - my project must be able to know if the customer has paid for the subscription, or if he has canceled it, or if a fraudulent action has been carried out and so on. With this data I can create the invoice, enable customer service and so on …

5 Since the project is in Italian, I ask if it is also in Italian or if I have to convert everything into Italian.

Sincerely grateful
Lady Silvia

Talking about the transaction costs, its better to talk directly with the Rapyd Sales team, they will guide you properly.
To the test the payments, you can do something like retrieving the last payment id from the client portal, and check the payment id with the current one to find whether the payment has been made or not.
To receive payment data, its better to go through the docs of the rapyd.
Using API would be best.

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