Three Ways to Implement Rapyd Disburse

Rapyd Disburse is designed for businesses of any size.

1. Client Portal

If you need to start disbursing funds, you can simply log into our Client Portal (once approved), upload a CSV with the required beneficiary information and start disbursing funds to anyone anywhere in the world.

2. API Integration

If your company has a developer on staff, they can use our API and integrate our disbursement features into your existing application or treasury system.

3. XML File Import

The XML file import is our third option. Your business can create an XML file using the ISO 20022 messaging format and then send it to a secure directory where Rapyd imports and processes the file at a predetermined time.

  • Note : Rapyd Disburse can be enabled with a minimum monthly fee of $5,000 and at least 500 monthly payouts.

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