Subscriptions and multiple products

I am evaluating Rapyd’s features to see whether it would support our business model.

I have an application that will have various “modules” that can be subscribed to.

A user can be an individual, a user can also be a member of a company and it would be the company who purchases the subscriptions and distribute to their members.

The following describes the kind of functionality we’re looking to support:

Lets say our application has 3 modules, module 1, 2 and 3.

Scenario 1:
client 1 wants to subscribe to module 1 and 3

Scenario 1b:
client 1 wants to update their subscription to include module 2, so they will be subscribed to module 1, 2, 3.

Scenario 2:
company 1 has 10 members so wants to buy 10 subscriptions to modules 1 and 2 and 5 subscriptions to module 3.

Scenario 2b:
company 1 has a new member and wants to update their subscription to 11 subscriptions of modules 1 and 2 and keep only 5 subscriptions to module 3.

My understanding is that Rapyd’s subscriptions use products, which I think would equate to our “module”, however what is not clear to me is whether there can be multiple products which would allow our users to subscribe to multiple modules.

Many thanks

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Thanks @Jane_Harrison, a couple immediate comments and some questions.

First, our current use of the Subscriptions API does require PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification to handle personal information for credit cards.

WooCommerce has a subscription that you can pair with Rapyd’s payment methods through the WooCommerce plugin, which would be available for the countries listed on the page through the link.

Lastly, you can stay tuned for an update regarding subscriptions we can share here as well as Changelog updates.

Just curious would this be for a multiple physical goods or different digital assets or services?

That would change how you would use SKU Object (goods), or a Plan (services). A plan can have multiple tiers. You would be able to switch tiers that could include different “modules”, but I have not seen adding or taking out individuals “modules” or items and updating more than two product IDs of the subscription.