Subscription or Recurring Payments?

Hi, do you offer subscription payments or recurring payments?

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The Rapyd platform offers payment subscriptions, which are currently synonymous with recurring payments. In this feature, a customer is billed for each predefined subscription period (usually per month, but may be defined to other intervals). The flow of creating a payment subscription includes the following objects:

  • A product - Defines the goods or services that are supplied to the customer. For example, a ‘Cloud storage’ product.
  • A plan - one or more plans linked to the product. For example, a ‘Basic’ 100 GB storage plan that costs 10€ per month, and a 500 GB ‘Premium’ storage plan that costs 25€ per month.
  • A customer - A person or company that pays for the products and/or services. The customer should have a linked payment method. For example, a credit card.

A payment subscription includes a plan, a customer, a customer payment method, and the last date that the charges accrue.


Thanks @Legato this is great!

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