Hosted Checkout Subscription API with Tiered plan

We are unable to create hosted subscriptions with tiered plans in rapyd. Whenever I tried to create a hosted subscription with tiered plan through api, it gave me an error “Add a plan with ‘billing_scheme’ with the following value: ‘per_unit’”.

But I need a subscription with a tiered plan.

Step 1.

with plan.json file I have hit the plan post api and get response successfully.

Step 2.

In the checkout/subscription api I have used checkout-subscription.json file but did not get success result. error mentioned above.

    "customer": "cus_7e9a93edfa9e2c0d6128045a38xxxxxx",
    "merchant_reference_id": "cus_7e9a93edfa9e2c0d6128045a38xxxxxx",
    "country": "pk",
    "language": "en",
    "billing": "pay_automatically",
    "simultaneous_invoice": true,
    "cancel_at_period_end": true,
    "coupon": "",
    "payment_fees": {
        "fx_fee": {
            "calc_type": "net",
            "fee_type": "percentage",
            "value": 2.5
    "subscription_items": [{
        "plan": "plan_1dffe87d824287c1893db70245xxxxxx",
        "quantity": 1
    "metadata": {
        "merchant_defined": true
    "tax_percent": 10.5,
    "complete_payment_url": "",
    "error_payment_url": "",
    "page_expiration": 1672470811,
    "trial_from_plan": false,
    "trial_period_days": null

Rapyd Response:

    "status": {
        "status": "ERROR",
        "message": "The request tried to create or update a subscription through a hosted page solution flow, but the value of the 'billing_scheme' parameter related to the plan is invalid. The request was rejected. Corrective action: Add a plan with 'billing_scheme' with the following value: 'per_unit'. This could change in the future, if we decide to support more use cases.",
        "operation_id": "bcc13b0a-9f58-496f-8285-375fb53ca133"
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Thanks @Muhammad_Danial, the Hosted Subscription Page currently is available for Fixed Price Plan, or labeled per_unit in the API. You can use the rest of the plans with Create Subscription via the Rapyd API.

I’ve made some updates do the documentation and will follow up with the team for any further updates.