Replay / Resend Webhook Events

Hey All,

Im working on a service to handle webhook events from the Rapyd sandbox. Is there any way to resend successful/unsuccessful webhook event notifications (or even see all events and click a button to resend them). Is this possible ?



Webhooks are like REST responses - they are sent a single time. We don’t have any way for clients to send a webhooks a second time. If there is a particular webhook that you need to get again, then Client Support might be able to retrieve it for you from the database.

The purpose of the sandbox is to enable you to develop and test your scripts. If you are looking at the webhooks for, say, creating a Rapyd Wallet, you can get the same webhooks by running the Create Wallet method a second time. This is true for all sandbox operations.

But now I’m curious - why do you need to resend webhooks?

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