Rapyd Client Wallet Setup

The Rapyd Client Wallet has the following features:

  • Storing funds collected from outside sources.
  • Managing accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Converting currency.
  • Sending money to and receiving money from other wallets.
  • Sending money to bank accounts.
  • Making payments for goods and services.

Rapyd enables you to top up your company’s client wallet via the Client Portal. This is a four-step process:

  1. You select the Rapyd bank account via Client Portal.
  2. You transfer the money to the Rapyd bank account.
  3. You submit the details and proof via Client Portal.
  4. Rapyd processes the transaction and moves the funds to the client wallet

Funds sent to a Rapyd Client Wallet will be added to your account one business day after it was received by Rapyd’s bank.

For more information see the guide on Funding Your Account via Client Portal