Puzzles - missing base layer

I have been printing out all of the puzzles so far, because it’s just easier to work on a piece of paper vs my phone.

One thing I noticed is that basically every single puzzle lately (except one, but I forgot which one it was) had no base layer. They’re see-through, except for the black writing - which is a little bit annoying when it gets to the printing, since I’ve got to download, add a white background and then print.
I’m only talking about the black and white print version. I’ve never printed the coloured one so far.

Am I the only one with that issue? Could we get a fix on that?

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Can you not just print the transparent puzzle on a white piece of paper?

Hi @SantiagoDechi, I tried to test this myself and I couldn’t find what the issue was.

I understand the format is .png, however it looks as though the background is white when printing, rather than see through or transparent. I converted to a PDF and printed the .png and PDF and both backgrounds were fine.

One thing you can do just to make sure is save as PDF and then print? This might help you?